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CGS研究雑誌(CGS Bulletin)

Comparative Genocide Studies

Volume 1 2004

Volume 2 2005/6

  ■CGS Bulletin Volume 1, 2004,

  • Project Outline: Comparative Genocide Studies (CGS)
                                  Yuji ISHIDA (1)
  • Genocide - Its Definition and the Scope of Research
                                  Yuji ISHIDA (3)
  • Ethnic Cleansing in World History: A Balkan Perspective
                                  Tetsuya SAHARA (9)
  • Genocide in Namibia, Turkey, Croatia and Germany: Searching for the Common Features and the Historical Connections
                                  Yuji ISHIDA (14)
  • Total War and "Genocide" - Various Aspects of the Armenian Massacres
                                  Takayuki YOSHIMURA (21)
  • The Case Study of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire (1915/16) and Genocdie Research in Comparison
                                  Tessa HOFMANN (29
  • Croatia and "Ethnic Cleansing"
                                  Akiko SHIMIZU (53)
  • Nazi Germany, Science and the Holocaust
                                  Susanne HEIM (66)
  • Issues Raised by Genocide in Rwanda
                                  Shin'ichi TAKEUCHI (76)
  • An Analytical Typology of Arguments Denying Genocides and Related Mass Human Rights Violations
                                  Henry THERIAULT (78)
  • Notes on the Contributors (101)

  ■CGS Bulletin Volume 2, 2005/6,

  • Cambodia - Aspects of Crimes Committed during the Pol Pot Regime
                                  Naoko AMAKAWA (1)
  • Genocide in Rwanda - The Origins and the Perpetrators
                                  Shin'ichi TAKEUCHI (18)
  • Aspects of Genocide in Azerbaijan
                                  Yoko HIROSE (32)
  • Germany's Diplomatic and Judicial Policy on the Establishment of the ICC
                                  Miwako FUKUNAGA (45)
  • Genocide in Guatemala
                                  Yuji ISHIDA (56)
  • Contributing to Peace Building and Democracy in Guatemala: An Indigenous Experience
                                  Victor D. MONTEJO (60
  • Human Security in Post-Genocide Guatemala: Toward Collective Reparation and Reconstruction at the Micro and Meso Levels
                  Tomomi KOZAKI and Yusuke NAKAMURA (70)
  • How Would the Guatemalan Rural Economy Respond to CAFTA-DR?: A Survey
                  Yoshiaki HISAMATSU and Takeshi OHSAWA (94)
  • Notes on the Contributors (107)